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    Originally Posted by HAJIME
    I use whatever is around...

    Pencils, pens, chalk, pastle, paint, wax cryons...

    My favourite medium is acrylic paint, since watercolour doesnt like me much... To start i pic, i often use those pencil pen things. Ya know with the lead inside that you twist to come down...? There cheep, the leads dont break, the rubbers on the ends are good, there not easily damaged and there are **** good pencils! When i shade i use them too, i dont mess aroudn with those stupid expencive things that are difficult to use.

    The attached image is a very rough sketch, i mean litrally. It took me no longer than my lunch break to complete with one fot hose pencil pen thingies...
    Wow, that is very neat! Excellent shading! I love the head, too! Nice job!
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