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    Toxic Spikes is the first thing I set up. And if I get lucky, I get someone who tries to set up DD on my lead (forretress, who is ****ing king) and after I set up all my hazards (full TS + Stealth Rock) and he hits me, Red Card makes all his work useless - and I can also hit EQ on the guy next in his team (and if that doesn't work, I have two more back up tactics to get rid of the mother****ers).

    I think Excadrill shouldn't be banned for two very basic reasons:
    -It's so ****ing easy to counter it's not even funny. I mean it, even with air balloon, everything is super effective against it except the Latis with Dragon Pulse + Psyshock, but really, normally teams have at least one bulky/fast water or fire type. Or a fighter.
    -Other weather