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    Updating as the day goes, like Sky.

    Name: Vick Joshua "Josh" Chasten
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Physical: There is very little out of the ordinary about Josh's physical appearance, he's 6 feet tall, weighs about 150 pounds and has dark brown to black hair that is neatly trimmed to rim around his ears and neck. He has dark blue eyes that often match well with the clothes he likes to wear.
    There are however a couple of details that betray Josh's specialty. Though he doesn't show them often, his legs are very well trained, muscular and very powerful. Josh is a semi-professional long distance runner specializing in near marathon-long distances, which gives him a remarkable amount of stamina. He's not the fastest person around, but he can go for long times.

    Clothing: While mostly seen wearing running gear, Josh usually wears clothes that match his rather ordinary stature. Jeans, one-color shirts, sneakers or trainers, stuff like that. The colorscheme is very thought out though, nearly every piece of clothing matches with another one or a part of Josh's figure. He's definitely not the most fashion sensitive or cognizant, but it would be hard to consider his style of clothing out of place.

    In his running gear, Josh wears either a dark-blue shirt, knee-length moss-green short with black trainers. In colder times and climates, he wears a matching set of black and red streaked jogging jacket and pants over the usual shirt.
    Josh almost always has earplugs stuck in his ear with a Pokégear in his pocket, tuned in to one of the many radio shows around the region.

    Personality: Josh is a very thoughtful person, often not immediately responding to being adressed. He's not absentminded, but a little mistrusting at the start of a coversation which can lead to people getting a wrong impression of him. Once you get to know him, Josh is a very reliable and friendly guy, but it can take some time for him to open up to you.
    Josh puts a lot of weight behind his own words, if he says he trusts you, then he really trusts you. It is why Josh takes very badly to people that abuse his trust in them, it leads to him resenting the person for a long time.

    Josh is a fairly carefree person as a result of growing up outside of the bustling city without many worries as a child. This combined with his passion for running is the reason he spends a lot of time outside, be that helping his parents, training together with Odessa or raising the young Pokemon that his family takes care of.

    He has a mild form of hyperactivity, which he usually solves with his jogging practice, but it can happen that the energy just builds up in his body making him really restless and very eager to get moving, just to get the energy out of his system.

    Background: Joshua, though he hates the name himself, grew up with his parents who ran a Pokemon kindergarden on the outskirts of Celadon City, Kanto. The business was an idea of his father who wanted to expose children with Pokemon at an earlier age then was customary around the region, and also to give him a chance to show off his prize winning Mightyenas. Even when still a young boy, Josh would spend hours grooming, feeding and playing with the several Eevee, Poochyena, Skitty and even his mother's beloved Aipom that would roam freely in his family's large gardens and associated buildings.

    But Josh's favourite companion of them all was Odessa. From the day that the boy could walk, something had drawn him to the little Poochyena. Maybe it was her scent, maybe her eyes or maybe because she was the runt of the litter that was born on exactly the same day as Josh himself. Years later, when asked why he chose her, Josh would simply reply with "We knew we would match, no special reason, just a gut-feeling."
    From the day that they met, Josh and Odessa were almost inseparable. She would sleep in his bed, or he would sleep with the cubs, as long as they were together.

    Over the following years, Josh spent many hours a day training together with Odessa. School was a hard task for the very energetic and mildly hyperactive Josh, thus he would often come home bursting with energy and would expend all that energy in training together with Odessa.
    While his father asked many times, Josh would never let Odessa enter his father's racing team of Mightyena, especially not after she evolved into one the day before his 10th birthday. Until that time, Josh had never spent much though about going on a Pokemon journey; though he loved spending time outdoors and was very curious about the world of Pokemon, he was content with staying at home and help his parents.

    On the day before his 16th birthday, Josh experienced his first Shift, which literally shifted his view. He had been spending hours in trying to get his high school homework done, when he looked up from his notebook and the entire room had changed. The scene had been morphed into a kind of underwater black-and-white movie, everything still looked the same, but it was all distorted and incorporeal. The Shift only lasted for maybe 15 seconds and he hadn't moved in location, but it was more then enough for Josh to realize something was wrong with him.
    When two more, though very brief, Shifts happened to him within a timespan of merely a week, he decided that he needed answers. Since his parents or anyone else he knew wouldn't know what it was, it was clear to Josh that he needed to go somewhere else to find someone with more answers.

    He told his parents that he was going to make the journey that he had been delaying for the past six years and shortly left afterwards, taking only his camping gear and his life-long friend Odessa with him.

    RP sample:
    (Taken from an RP based around the animé Wolf's Rain)

    It was the year 35 ATN (After The Nuke). The once lush forests of Siberia had turned into icy deserts where blizzards and hailstorms had free reign. Cities were few and far between, often millions of people hiding away in the cold underground slums trying to forget the reason that they were there.

    The white-grey wolf spoke to herself as the blizzard raged around her, even for an animal as hardy and weatherproof as her, this blizzard was especially fierce. Still, she had to continue, she knew there was a city nearby, so she had no other choice.
    To anyone that would've watched her, she would've looked like a normal human girl. Around 25 years old, about 6 foot tall, Caucasian or Asian heritage with a long, black ponytail riding down her back. They would watch the girl plow through the storm wearing only casual clothing, jeans and a shirt.
    Had there actually been anyone around in this blizzard.

    They consider us extinct.. things of legends. They tell each other that our species perished during the First Winter, just like so many others. How wrong they are. We never vanished.. we never even left, we only proved once more, that the animal kingdom is always one step ahead of humanity.

    The lights of the outskirts started to penetrate through the blizzard, causing the wolf to grin widely and let out a howl in victory.
    Destination reached She purred to herself Now.. to find who I am looking for.


    "Remember, my dear Alissa. There is a tribe of our people, the oldest known to our history. They have provided needy refuges with a home, food and companions since the dawns of time."

    "Where are they then.. and now can I know it's one of them?"

    "In every city you will find at least one of them, for the needy are many and spread around the world. And do not worry about finding them... they will find you first."

    She walked around the guardhouse, keeping to the shadows cast by the thousands of buildings made from stone and iron. Even in the relative protection of the city's deserted outskirts the blizzard was still in firm control.

    Temperatures barely ever reached above freezing, hurricane winds whipping up massive snowstorms that could last for days. Humans barely ever surfaced again once the full effects of the war had settled in.

    The wolf sniffed the air as she felt the winds lessening the further she walked into the city. The snow was still drifting down, but it was far more comfortable without the streaks of wind in her face.

    She knew that there had to be one of them in this city.. The fabled Den Keepers.

    Name: Odessa
    Gender: Female
    Species: Mightyena
    Personality: Odessa is highly protective of Josh ever since their first journey into the Aether Realm a few months ago. She doesn't hesitate to give everything she has and then some in order to make her Trainer happy. However, because of their near life-long connection, training and friendship, Odessa trusts Josh at his word which gives her a much friendlier look then others of her kind.
    Because of her age, she isn't the fastest Mightyena around anymore, but more then makes up with her experience and rigorous training.
    Odessa does have a playful side, since she likes to put Josh in his place from time to time with a nibble at his hamstrings. She also frequently joins him on his practice runs through the forests and city, to keep her cardio up to speed.
    Lover of all Lupine style pokemon.

    Current Challenge: Trainer Personality Examination. Platinum
    Status: Grass-mono on hold.

    Starting with LeafGreen 'soon'TM

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