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Originally Posted by Poueff View Post
Toxic Spikes is the first thing I set up. And if I get lucky, I get someone who tries to set up DD on my lead (forretress, who is ****ing king) and after I set up all my hazards (full TS + Stealth Rock) and he hits me, Red Card makes all his work useless - and I can also hit EQ on the guy next in his team (and if that doesn't work, I have two more back up tactics to get rid of the mother****ers).

I think Excadrill shouldn't be banned for two very basic reasons:
-It's so ****ing easy to counter it's not even funny. I mean it, even with air balloon, everything is super effective against it except the Latis with Dragon Pulse + Psyshock, but really, normally teams have at least one bulky/fast water or fire type. Or a fighter.
-Other weather
That's an interesting idea and I've never really thought it before. Red Card Forretress.. To be honest though, I like Gyro Ball better than Earthquake because then you can nail Espeon, who is Forry's greatest enemy.

It's impossible to fullstop counter. Air Balloon is risky because as you switch in it could just use another move and then you'd be outta luck. It was just incredibly centralizing and with an SD, it still did heavy damage to those bulky Water types, OHKO'd Fire types, and nearly massacres things like Conkeldurr. Plus it outspeeds everything thanks to Sand Rush.