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    Even though the judging date was October 9th, I believe their are still spots open so I though I would make an SU. :D

    Name: John Clark

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male


    That's right, using an LA Noir character!

    Personality: John is honest, smart, and takes things seriously. He takes every thing into consideration, no matter how small the detail. John doesn't have very much patience and can be a bit arrogant when he is stressed or not in a good mood. If he says something don't take it seriously because if you cross him the wrong way hey may say things he doesn't mean. Most of the time John tries to be polite and more formal than most people. John likes to be taken seriously and doesn't really mess around much. When John is busy investigating or working, we doesn't like to be bothered unless it has to do with the current crime. If you do he may get a bit irritable.

    History: John was born in a small family, His father was a cop while his mother stayed home. He went to school like every other normal kid. Once on his way walking home from school he found a Pidgeotto that looked terribly sick. John thought the bird pokemon had been poisoned. John rushed to the Pidgeotto and lifted him up. John carried off the pokemon to the closest pokemon center and waited for hours until the Pidgeotto was nursed to health. John could release the pokemon just yet so he took the flying type home. His parents weren't sure of letting him keep the pokemon but after hours and hours of thinking they decided to allow John to keep him.

    John and the Pidgeotto were great friends. After a few days John decided to give the bird pokemon a name, and that was Austin. John and Austin spent almost every minute of their day together. Austin has been very loyal to John for years. When John was younger he was bullied a lot. Since he had started 6th grade a bully had been all his classes and stopped him from doing anything. He stole John's money, stole his stuff, beat him up until one day. John and Austin where walking home and the bully had followed them. John had been having a bad day and didn't really need the bully to bother him now. But the bully was relentless, Austin saw the way John was acting and the Pidgeotto was furious. Austion charged a Wing attack and slashed at the bully. He was knocked down and quickly ran away. The bully then never bothered John again.

    When John was 16 his father was doing his normal routine, a simple speeding stop. John's father, Tom, had gotten out of his cop car and walked to the window. Tom was doing the sam thing as any other stop, but the person in the car did not want a ticket. The person in the car pulled a gun on Tom and shot him in the chest, the person in the car speed off and escaped. John's father was found about a half an hour after the shots had been fired. John and his mother were alerted of what had happened a few hours later. John was devastated while his mother balled her eyes out. Tom was rushed to a hospital and was put into surgery for hours. About 3 hours of waiting Tom was pronounced dead. John from then on decided to follow in his dad's foot steps and become a cop.


    Pokemon Name: Austin

    Species: Pidgeotto

    Age: 10

    Appearance: Just like a normal Pidgeotto.

    Moves:-Fly---Close Combat---Quick attack---Wing Attack-

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