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    Hey! It's turtwig26! I have an idea for a new game tentatively called Pokemon: A Changed World. If I do, I would be a mapper, eventer, story-writer, and spriter. I would need help with coding and maybe another spriter to help things move along faster.


    You live in a region named Jusper, formed by the remains of other regions that have been split apart and brought together by earthquakes and volcanoes. It is years and years in the future, and things have changed. The region is now ruled by a president, president Kylar. Pokemon no longer run freely around the region. Instead, they are rare, and only in some places, hiding. Trainers are no longer to have pokemon. Instead, pokemon are captured and forced to fight each other in matches that people bet on. You are part of the Pokemon Hunter Corps. You hunt down rogue trainers. One day, you graduate from the beginner’s academy to a rookie and you get a job to hunt down a man who was sighted with two pokemon. Your task is to defeat him and take his pokemon, since it is illegal to take trainer’s pokemon without defeating them first. THe corps leader gives you a shadow Hydreigon. You travel to a next door town and into a small forest and find an old man inside of the room. He says that he has been waiting for one of you to come and take his pokemon. He says that one of them has been released and asks you to let him release another one. You don’t and so he battles you. After you beat him, he says that his time on this land is over and with his dying breath, tells you to bring back the times of Steven, Gary, Ash, Cynthia, Lance, and the rest of the pokemon masters. You must do that by seeking out the rest of the eight gyms scattered in hiding around the rest of Jusper. He says that once you do this, you must defeat the elite four in public. This will inspire trainers in hiding to rise up against the pokemon cruelty. With this he dies, giving you his togekiss and the first gym badge. Your hydreigon, seeing this runs away. You return to the corps and get another mission. This time, a legendary pokemon, pokemon that are usually captured to use as the final battles in coliseums, is loose in Molten Mountain. You must journey there and capture the pokemon so that he can live the rest of it’s live in captivity. Also, in just a few months time is the Grand Brawl, a tournament known to be the most brutal and famous tournament ever. You must capture the legendary pokemon (mewtwo), and bring him to the hunter corps. Over the course of the story, you will be caught in between two sides fighting each other. One fighting for humanity, (or pokemanity), and another fighting for entertainment. Soon, you will find the lost remnants of the league, and your life will be changed forever.

    If I do decide to make this a game than I will use RpgXP. i will need a futuristic type of tileset though. Any tips on how to achieve that?

    World Map:
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