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    Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    not using flying types fool! owait gliscor, okay and the dragon but that totally doesn't count. :3 nvm apparently two = most of in where my brain was at, i keep thinking jirachi has levitate for some stupid reason when thinking about it lol.

    oh. toxic spikes is definitely the worst to face & come across.
    more reasons i love jirachi
    Still imune for steel type. I hate Jirachi and his kind (say... Celebi, Whimsiscott and friends) both because they are annoying to the max and they suck when they use them (happens with tons of steel types, just not my style >.<)

    Speed Boost. If not Blaziken (I use the PO Wi-Fi server and it's not banned there, so I use Blaziken), something like Sharpedo does the trick too. Just the first turn and the protect boost are enough to outspeed Sand Rush excadrill (at least with Blaziken, and mine has his EVs away from speed because I know I can get it with SB).

    That or anything priority, which is a basis in any team really just for revenge kills.