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    Jaykob Spellsun
    New York City (Obviously)

    Soon, Jaykob made his way out of the thick crowd. The alleyway he found himself in was covered with graffiti, dark, and full of obstacles like dumpsters and fences, put there for whatever reason. Jaykob growled at the sight of it. "Crap. Now I have to use my wings." Jaykob thought. He was always a great flyer, but never, ever, a good climber. He flew over everything in his way, which usually wasn't much, because he had a way to go around them. But the dumpsters and fences had only one way to go: Under or above. And Jaykob didn't have time to sit there, digging a hole like a dog.

    Jaykob reached under his shirt, grabbed the bandages and tore them off. He turned back into angel form and started to flap his wings. At first, they wouldn't get him off the ground, but the thin, nimble things eventually started to cause him to hover, higher and higher, until he was high enough to get over the dumpster, and more than high enough for the fence. Jaykob silently, gracefully flew over the first dumpster, it was large, green, and smelled like rotten tomatoes. He ignored the rest of what was under him, and looked at the sky. He sighed, wishing...well, wishing he hadn't been born. It wasn't fair that he was saddled with the duty to have to protect these...these idiot humans. "I'd rather protect a rabbit." Jaykob scoffed, realizing he'd spoken out loud five seconds later. Finally, he reached the end of the alleyway. There, amongst the darkness, was a boy...probably around fourteen, pointing a gun to...nothing? Why was he pointing at nothing? Weird. Then again, weird was what Jaykob was looking for. Next to him, hidden in the shadows, was a bigger man. His face was so ugly that Jaykob could've thrown up. He was holding a suitcase, but that was as far as Jaykob could tell. Hidden from the Human's view, he swooped down. He stared at the man, the ugly one, face to face. "H-hey, Adlan, do you feel chilly?" the man stuttered, adressing the boy who was pointing his gun at nothing. "Adlan, huh?" Jaykob said, confident nobody could hear him in angel form. He looked at the man again, and was forced to recoil at the sight. Now he noticed how beautiful angels were compared to humans. The ugly man was ragged, holding his overfilled suitcase with both hands.

    Suddenly, a strange sensation overcame the Angel of light. He sensed....another angel had landed on Earth. Another angel of light. Now he was faced with two choices: Go and regroup with the other angel, or investigate this human further.

    (OOC: Short post again. What is wrong with me lately?! Well, just so ya know, Xilfer gave me permission to control his NPC character, the Toadface guy.)
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