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    Hi, I'm Niven.

    I was wondering if there is a way to battle and/or capture a pokemon above level 100. If I'm not mistaken, the level of a pokemon takes up 1 byte so it should have a maximum value of 255. I don't know how this could be done at all, but I do believe it to be possible. I know the answer could be as simple as temporarily changing a flag that checks a pokemon's level (even though to me that's not simple) to allow a level above 100 (120, for example), or as complicated as one of those ginormous ASM routines.

    I'm asking because I think that it could come in handy in a later part of my hack. I'm using the US version of fire red. version 1.0. Also, I'm using JPAN's hacked engine. So is it possible, and if so, how could it be done?

    P.S credit will be given to whoever figures it out, and any and all help is welcome and appreciated.
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