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As Travis made his first steps out of the dark alley he was in, he crashed into a boy, a human boy, the momentum the boy was traveling at caused him to fall to the ground.

"What the f*ck?! Watch where you're going, you blind idiot!" Said the boy. Travis took one look at him. He had Jet black hair, and dark clothes. All across him was the human body art called tattoos. But Travis found this boy amusing at most. Not exactly someone important. He spoke back to him.

"My apologies." He said, smiling. He moved past him, and continued on his way. A few minutes later, it was like the event had never happened.

Suddenly, Travis saw something up ahead. Something actually was happening. A fight? No normal fight. Even before seeing it, Travis could feel the presence of 'other-worldly' beings. Travis knew. Angels were up ahead. They could be dark, they could be light. He didn't know.

Until, of course, he saw who was up ahead. The unmistakable dark of the wings signified dark angels, two of them, and...a human? There was another as well, another with the power of an angel...but Travis couldn't tell immediately who he was. Travis did nothing as he observed the whole encounter at a distance. And suddenly, it was all over. A female, and a male darkness angel. Travis knew none of them personally, but he had a feeling he would be getting familiar with them soon. Very soon. The two had very different ideals, that could be said for sure. One was as cold as ice, the other more of a realist, but perhaps also an idealist. Both were, to Travis, troublesome in their own regard. But as time would pass, Travis felt he could influence them enough to accomplish their task.

And who knows? If they have the will and the regard, perhaps they could influence him a little as well. Travis smiled as the encounter was over, the human dropping in pain. Without a word spoke to them, he departed again. These were his allies, yes, but he wasn't planning on letting them know that just yet, especially with a human so close. There was also the matter of the other one, who he knew not much about, and Travis knew better than to get involved with people he didn't know. Travis preferred secrecy to forwardness, especially with humans. He, therefore, went to complete his other task, his assigned duty. Angels were in the proximity. The other dark angel was mad, yes, but he was also right. It was time to go hunting.

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