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    My updated team, just reached Mistralton City:

    the Dewott Lv 34(Revenge, Focus Energy, Water Pulse, Aqua Jet)
    I'm trying to get Frosty into a Samurott, and then exchange some heart scales for Megahorn!

    the Swoobat Lv 35 (Confusion, Calm Mind, Air Slash, Fly)
    I love Rosie. She's so wonderful. She has set up without much hassle and swept a few Plasma members.

    the Simisear Lv 35 (Bite, Yawn, Rock Tomb, Flame Birst)
    Simisear hasn't changed her movepool as of late, but she still pwns - especially in Chargestone Cave - easy grinding.

    the Cottonee Lv 36 (Growth, Leech Seed, PoisonPowder, Giga Drain)
    Petulia is so fun to battle with. She's been a little bit more difficult lately, with some opposing Pokemon getting lucky with crits and hax - but she is still awesome and can cripple an entire party.

    the Scraggy Lv 36 (Sand Attack, Faint Attack, Brick Break, Hi Jump Kick)
    Pikachu often wins battles, but he also loses them just as often because of Hi Jump Kick.

    the Emolga Lv 34 (Volt Switch, Shock Wave, Acrobatics, Double Team)
    Hugh, like Petulia, is so fun to use. <3 He's not very strong but I like using him anyway.

    I will train up a Drilbur soon, maybe... As soon as I beat this gym, I am going to catch... AXEW!

    I also went down to GAME today, and I got a...
    SNARLZARK! And I will be SR for a shiny! :3