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Even if you tried expanding the viewable area on an emulator I'm almost certain that the system would not draw anything outside of the original screen size, due to the nature of how 2D consoles, and emulation of them, work

You can do this with emulators for 3D consoles like N64, DC and Gamecube, but they're a completely different beast when it comes to emulation and passing the graphics to your computer to be drawn - and it totally depends on the game whether or not you'll get a useful result from displaying more screen area than was originally intended.

As for your other point, for all intents and purposes the DS is treated as a Game Boy Advance when it goes into backwards compatibility mode - the main processor of the GBA is identical to the second processor of the DS, so the game's code can be run natively on the system. It behaves exactly the same as a GBA would.
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