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Valorie silently urged Flygon to follow Suicune, and so she was off. Out here in the mountains she almost wouldn't have guessed there was catastrophe on the horizon. She was nervous, to say the least. The thought that the human race was in her hands was pretty uncomfortable. Regardless, one of the boys seemed to be keeping pace with her. That was... Spike! She'd get used to all their names soon enough. Or... at least that's what she thought anyway. He had asked her about her pokemon. This of course pleased Valorie. She shifted on top of Flygon to look over at Spike and gained this proud, somewhat vain grin.

"They're /really/ good! I trained them all to be the best they could be~"

She made a vague hand motion and proceeded to pat the flygon she was riding on as she said this. Fylgon briefly glanced in her general direction before going back to paying attention to Suicune. It would become apparent that Valorie had an ego. She seemed to be very proud of her pokemon, and herself for raising them, and didn't seem to be at all afraid to brag about it. She had even had the daring to use the word best, as if to imply something. At this point, it would seem her ego wasn't exactly small.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~