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Valorie turned to Spike while riding her Flygon. She spoke her answer to him with a veil grin. "They're /really/ good! I trained them all to be the best they could be~" This could be interesting.

"Pretty confident if you went & said that." Commented Spike, still speaking. "My Pokemon are full of Potential. I train any Pokemon Possible so they can become strong & tactful." One that's not strong at the moment was Ralts. He only just became part of the team, but Spike wasn't going to mention him now. It might not look good on him or Ralts.

"Later I'll bring up an offer you can't refuse." Spike finished his statement with that final offer. It was to be a battle, but he wasn't spilling the beans just yet. He focused his attention back to Suicune, a water-type legendary. Amazing, to think Spike would see a Suicune, a Pokemon who always runs off, & here he is following him. This was a real great experience to behold.

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