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Chapter 3.5 - Scarlet Uiromo - Vampire District

"Mhm, you bet it will," I taunted back. He was a pain in my arse to deal with, but no way was I staying silent. I was gonna have fun if he persisted with his lame vampire jokes. "Hey a**hole, reread Twilight. Apparently, we sparkle." I wiggled my fingers out to imitate sparkling. Not only was I messing with him, but the idiocy of the humans. What the Hell were they thinking when they wrote THAT? I think the best vampire story I've heard about was Dracula. Damn right. Skewering humans on spears and sacrificing women on an altar. Castles were wonderful things, too. Maybe when I win, I'll have a nice castle on the hillside, with spears sticking out of the flower garden. "Oh, you're such a moron... In the end, you'll be kissing my ass and BEGGING me not to whip yours too hard." I leaned forward, and gave him a fanged smirk.

"Who wants me to drive?"

Hah! A God, driving? That would be entertaining. They only had the fancy limousines because they showed POWER and AUTHORITY. Did we have cars? Not really. Maybe five throughout the entire district. "Why not have your servant drive us? Tired of being a lazy fatass?" I think I went overboard with that one, because at that moment, he approached me as I was coming outside with Cyro. This made me stop, and stare up at him. He was much taller than myself, for obvious reasons. And then he downgraded me. He knelt down on one knee, and took on the form of a father having a talk with her daughter about respect or some crap like that. But his expression was not of a father. It was of enjoyable, murderous intent.

"Perhaps it is because my servant will be driving another car...? Which gives you plenty of room to sit up front with me. You can sit in the passenger seat." His eyes flashed, but I only crossed my arms. So what? Back in the day, kids would whine until they were able to sit up front with the driver! What was so special about that particular seat? It dawned on me that maybe he was hinting that I was some whining child.

I stuck my chin up in defiance, and looked him dead in the eye. "Tch. I'm not gonna sit beside an ugly giant!" To my amazement, he actually smiled, and stood back up. I was smirking back; knowing I had won. I was beginning to flaunt back at Akira, when Natruo's hand hand brushed my stomach, and grabbed at the collar of my dress. First, it was shock. Then anger. Then horror. Within two seconds, he pulled me into the air by a single hand. Instinctively, my hands grabbed and clawed at his wrist; urging him to let go. "Let go, you stupid--" And that was when he slammed me into the building's exterior wall. I felt the material crumble at my back, while my lungs felt the air being pressed out my throat. I made a small, choked sound, and stared at him. He was holding me back calmly. With one hand, while the other inspected the small bit of dirt which had gotten underneath his fingernails. My eyes slowly looked down at my stomach, and it took everything I had not to scream in fright. A stake made of metal had been plunged through my back, right through. I was skewered cleanly to the wall, and if Natruo let go, or pulled me off, my blood would rain like a fountain. I felt myself become pale, as all the blood and cells rushed to heal the wound. If it healed, then It would simply be broken through again when I came away from the wall.

"B-bastard," Damnit. I stuttered. His head tilted down, before the most devious of smiles washed across his lips.

"It was not an option, Scarlet Uiromo. You play by my rules now. This is my game board." My eyes widened in horror. He couldn't do this! I had a contract with the government and... "Do you understand, little girl~?" I nodded slowly. I just wanted to get this stake out of me, and heal myself up. He smiled wider to show his perfect white teeth; releasing his grip on me.

My heart rised up into my throat, as I felt myself fall and hit my knees on the cement. Oh God... The skewer. It ripped me. it ripped me!! My hands went to my stomach to stop the bleeding. And that was when I realized something much too horrible.

There was no wound. There was no blood. There was no pain, and there was not a metal stake, in sight.

Chapter 3.5 - Marisa Ryunatta - Vampire District

(To Be Editted)
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