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What I think makes a good antagonist is a plausible motive. They can't just be bad for no reason.
Yeah, this I'd agree with - has to be a motive for them (kinda like how a protagonist needs a motive to be 'good' too).
I think that people forget that people always think that they are the good guy. There are few completely insane cases in which they know what they are doing is wrong. Those people are usually sociopaths and ends up being their downfall in the long run. That’s beyond the point. A good antagonist has traits that makes commendable, has a good reason behind their actions, and/or believes their way is the right way.
It's true that a lot of them would have the aim to do something 'good' or what they think is right anyway, and are just the bad one in the way they go about it or via other influences - such as for instance... the villian in Crystal Chronicles: EoT (but idk how many here have played it), or for a fic example Bay's fic in Jacob is a pretty good instance of that. Bit I don't think that if they don't think they are good that they are socialpaths - for instance it could be simply power/money that motivates the villain. I guess that is covered by the 'good reason behind their actions' bit you have but I don't feel they always feel they're the good guy in having said reasons - one doesn't have to be a sociopath or think it's for the better good to have that as a goal imo via less than ideal means - I would argue that sometimes a good villain could also be just that villain you love to hate for example.

But I do agree with Bay that I liked the point that protagonists and antagonists are often opposition and not black and white characters in terms of good/bad.