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    More of a suggestion than a question, but I think it fits here the best anyway: Unless I didn't see after multiple times I looked for it due to being stupid/half-blind/whatever, there is no thread for minor questions not worth creating an own thread in this subforum. This one here is close, but as far as I am concerned still too specific. So, how come a thread like this doesn't exist in here? I know a common problem with these threads is that they are commonly overlooked (or purposedly ignored?) yet they exist in subforums where the probability of that happening as much higher than in this official one.
    Because I really don't want to create a new thread just to ask something like "Why is there an empty space in my usertitle and it keeps reappearing when I try to remove it?". Such minor problems can bug users, or at least this example bugs me, but are in my opinion not particularly worth their own thread.