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Gotta say, this thread really did depress me a lot. I'd hate to see you go Aero but...if thats the choice you really want to make in the end, then no one can stop you in that sense, I suppose. I just want to offer a bit of my two cents.

I'm going to agree with a lot of what Vrai says...I know that you know the whole situation with everyone being busy and all, but when Vrai said something that really did catch my attention...if one person -did- come back, I doubt much, if anything would really change.

Either way though, like Vrai said, I really do hope to see you around sometime in the future lurking PC or something, or maybe even hopefully make a return again, who knows. CBC isn't dead yet. I know I'm leaning closer and closer to quitting competitive each and everyday, but at the same time, I learned to not give up so easily...I want to stick around to see what happens. I want to stick around to see if this forum would actually turn 180 degrees once people have the time to make enough contributions to it. I want to stick around to see this forum succeed. PC is by no means a competitive battling community as you've already stated, and it seems to be dying, but remember this: we may be down, but we're definitely not out. This meaning that when things look gloomy and whatnot, this definitely causes no reason for a lot of people to lose hope within the forum. In fact, thats how nothing gets done and thats how the forum remains the same way as it always has; People losing hope in the forum and thinking that nothing, in the end, is going to get done.

But yeah, I should stop ranting. .___. But that's just my opinion of things.

See ya, Aero.

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