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Guys, stop acting like Aero is wrong about D-A being the heart of S&M.

D-A was a part of all of the "good times" that took place back in the day and everyone here, new and old knows that it wouldn't have the same and won't be the same without his antics, the morality of which are questionable. If Elf wasn't a big deal then there wouldn't have been so much "drama" with him being banned. You could argue that he created it, but he definitely didn't, and Wolf, Anti etc had even warned him multiple times before the ban iirc, I'm sure if it was some new user who misbehaved, then they wouldn't have taken such precautions. He's also probably the best battler to have come from PC, honestly I could go on and on about Elf and get you guys to hate me more, but Elf was a major player in the whole "Battling Community" aspect of CBC, helping us become more than a battling section as a Pokemon forum. If we didn't have that community feel, Aero would have posted this in NU/W's leaving thread.

Anyhow, it sucks to see you go Aero, but I'm glad someone said it. You're one of my best friends and you'll be greatly missed.

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