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    We start out with Birch who left us waiting... For a few seconds. But guess what his totally NOT stolen nickname is? POKEMON PROFESSOR. I have never heard that name before. His Pokemon is THE MICHEAL JACKSON OF POKEMON! Prof. Birch has style. He talks about people and Pokemon. He tells us how we kill other Pokemon. He left out the money earning though. I went there.

    I'm a dude. My name is EMBOAR. Apparently I'm moving to LITTLEROOT. Did he kidnap me? Or does he stalk me in the night? He's the one who nows me and I'm not even in town yet... And then he turns us into a midget like everyone else. YAY.

    Mom says we're home. Yet our house is double the size of the moving truck. IT'S PROBABLY SMALLER, TOO.

    It's so roomy! Or at least compared to the truck! We also see how uncruel Pokemon are treated. They are forced to help us move. HOW UNCRUEL! :D LOL JK. We're already jerks to Pokemon. Also we ACTUALLY have a DAD in this game. I'm at a lose for words now. It's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS O' clock. Mommy asks me if I like my room. It lacks Tepigs. Then we take what's rightfully mine, a Potion.

    :O My dad is on TV, But I missed it!!!!!!!! CURSE MY HORRIBLE MOTHER!!!!!!!! This already turning out great already. Now let's introduce ourselves even though we now Prof. Birch already. W00T.

    His wife wants to kill ME!!!!!!!! Leave me alone! ALL CAPS RAGE!!!!!! Is she stable? Yep. Now she'll leave us alone. Let's steal her daughter's Pokemon! That'll be revenge for her awkwardness. But May comes before we have the chance to sneak out with her Pokemon. DARN YOU AND YOUR MOTHER MAY. Then she tells us her dream of Pokemon nonsense. I have a dream... To kill your annoying mother!

    Then she wants to be friends. JUST friends? Then she goes on the internet to search Rick Astley and Rick Roll us. LET'S LEAVE NOW! Then a little girl tells us to go out since she has no Pokemon. BUT WE HAS NONE EITHER. D:

    Professor needs our help! Let's steal one of his Pokemon to help! What starter should I pick?