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    Originally Posted by Valentin View Post
    Hi, member's of Pokemon community , I was wondering if there is a script for the ROM Pokemon firered To make Whichever one you don't choose [Boy ,Girl ] become your rival like pokemon Emerald . Including pokemon overworld sprite changing gender.
    There isn't one single script, but there are a combination of techniques you could use.

    In the maps on which the rival appears, you could use the dynamic OW functionality in JPAN's Hacked Engine. Have a level script check the player's gender and change the rival OW accordingly.

    In battle scripts, things get more difficult... The simplest way would be to simply create one trainer for every possible rival -- one trainer per gender per starter. Then, when you trigger the battle from a script, check the player's gender in addition to the player's starter and initiate the appropriate trainer battle.

    The only trouble I can see happening is in the intro sequence, where you actually name the rival. You'd need ASM modifications to conditionally alter their big sprite and to set a different OW to appear on the naming screen.