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Face the facts? Both Anti and I, including other members have been ridiculously busy ever since the beginning of CBC's "inactive" state. Did you consider that to play a part in this? Or the failure of the Tutoring Corner, which I take full responsibility for, end most hopes of CBC recovery (or for new users, becoming active in CBC)? Or maybe all this drama and pessimism circulating DA's ban and CBC's current lack of activity (caused by thoughts like these)? Also consider that because of those reasons, we lost members such as you, and that further damages an already bad situation. However, I am not saying you can't leave, it is your choice, but don't complain about the problem when you are contributing to it. No active forum moderators alone should lead a community into inactivity, with the lack of anyone to lead it (see: G&P). Certainly, DA was an important member no doubt, but reputation shouldn't be a justification to not ban a user. Bans shouldn't be biased. We had perfectly good reasons to ban him, and we were nice enough to make it temporary and not ban him on PC itself. Taking into account all that he did after the month ban, he should have been permanently banned. However, he apologized and since he was a close friend, we reconsidered. Regardless, CBC isn't run by one person, it is run by the community. I don't see how you can shove aside everyone else's effort in favor of one.

Additionally, the clan progress didn't stop (nothing has, only tutoring), it was only put on a pause because of the aforementioned issue (in real life issues). If it was put to an end, I wouldn't have listed it in the improvement thread. As for tournaments, they were successful (at least all of mine were). They are always successful if you advertise enough and keep the theme simple. PC isn't Smogon, but what it can become is an active battling community if we make the effort to recover CBC consistently (and not giving up right when something fails). '08 was proof that PC can be a very active battling community. Though, it is not going to be thriving community immediately after the changes are implemented, it takes time to recover. I wish everyone would stay optimistic, and if that ever happens, I am sure CBC would be very active.

Anyway, it is unfortunate that you are leaving, and I wish you good luck with future ambitions.