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...kay, time to hear from the "new people perspective" or whatever you want to call it. Personally, I feel like with saying "oh CBC was better than etc etc" it sort of deters me from wanting to learn/improve since it's like "oh what's the point?" But in the end I know that seeing people like Vrai (for example), it's like, even with the negatives that everyone's saying that after a while it could be worth it.

I know most of you may judge the community as "inactive" but I dunno, for newer people like Yoshikko and I, we aren't really expecting a really majorly active community, in fact I expected it to be more inactive than it is lol (even on the server tbh). And from where I'm sitting, I don't really see any issues, sure there's the past holding people back, but I think what mostly matters is you guys getting new regulars instead of holding onto the old ones and bringing them up at every point.

People move on, times change, etc, unless you start looking to the future then that sort of attitude is going to make myself and people like me and future people like me question why I'm bothering (this grammar, oh God). Actually, I know before I even thought of posting here or getting on the server even I thought of this place as entirely intimidating and this kind of thread reinforces that. :x

Either way I hope that all makes sense but my point is look to fixing the future and not bringing up the past so much and maybe everyone would be not afraid anymore (in terms of newer people, who... as I said only really care for the future of the community and not what was missed out on lol).

Have fun with the future though Aero!

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