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Originally Posted by Ray Maverick View Post
My turn --
Name: Scardusk Forest
Hack: Nirvana: Legend of Aquatus
Credits: Me, Alistar, Kyledove, lighterzein
Comments: This is probably not the final version of the map. The tiles themselves took me 1-2 weeks to be made. The left side of the map was made 2 months before the right side - look closely and you'll see some difference.

Looks great.

- Very natural
- Difficult, yet playable
- Foresty
- No noticable tile errors
- Love them tiles!

- One tile pathways
- A bit tedious after the first trip - Confusing to look at
- Stairs don't fit well with the other tiles

Overall, good work! Most of the cons are acceptable, since its a forest.
Map: 9/10
Tiles: 9.9/10 (stairs dont look good in the forest, change the blue to brown)