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Well don't leave the Bis out of the fun...there are myths about us too! x3

But's totally wrong for blame to be placed when someone comes out. It doesn't matter if they were born that way or not...more often than not, they didn't choose to be that way. I certainly didn't choose to be Bi on a whim. I spent most of my adolescence using sheer force of will to FORCE myself to lean straight. I still catch myself doing it and end up having to slap myself for it...though I don't get angry for stopping myself if I know the person is straight.

I DO understand a phobic person's feelings, to a certain degree, because I spent so much time denying what I was. But phobia has to stop at a certain point, and prejudice begins. I've always reassured people who took me as gay that "No, I'm not gay, I'm bi...and I'm not the kind who hits on straight people." I don't even hit on people I don't know well! I'm far too shy anyway. xD
I'm not the type who hangs out anywhere social, just to pick up partners. I'd rather that I get to know someone naturally, by legitimately crossing paths with them...not because I camped out in their favorite bar just so I could drum up an excuse to talk to them and waste my cheesy, socially awkward pickup lines on someone who would likely turn out straight anyway. XD

My problem lies in the fact that I live, currently, in a tiny central Texas town where I go to college. Now I know I might have a little less of a tough time in my hometown with it, because it's bigger, but that's not the point. The point, and therefore the real problem is that this is such a small community, is that a small community can be just as overwhelmingly accepting and accepting as they can be hostile. If more swing to hostility, it could become a problem. :<

Of course I've already come out to a few people...but those are folks I can trust not to blab it everywhere. I don't see a need to tell someone I'm bi unless I have a crush on them or begin to see them as more than just a friend.
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