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Originally Posted by tente2 View Post
Hello, this was mostly useful but I have a problem: When I try to "Write to Rom", I get this message:

Compressed size is: 2D0. Which is too big. Aborting.

The sprite is 64x64, and it's 16 colors, so I don't know how what I did wrong or how it could be "too big".

Otherwise, it was great.
Goto FSF. Open up Calculator, choose scientific mode and choose Hex. Type "2D0" and click dec. That number you put into FSF where "needed bytes are". Click search beginning of rom. Than turn that 16 number into 1. Hit search. That offset will be used in UNLZ. Write to rom, check the pointers box, and insert the new offset into the image area. Click ok and it should work.

I never tested this with a Pokemon before, but I did it with the into sprite of the hero. I don't see how it'd be any different.

And by the way, when it auto aborts...DO NOT CLICK OK, click CANCEL.
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