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Originally Posted by yankee0724 View Post
Even though I don't come on here often, I lurk the forum and felt like saying something.

No one disagrees that he was a big part of CBC (he definitely was/is), only that CBC was a solo effort. Everything Aero said about the Tutoring Corner is true (I even covered most of it already in the Improvement Thread), but that is in the past now. As for Speed Tiers, the CSS is probably too complicated for anyone to edit until I explain how it works haha. I also need to update it now with the new changes to OU.

Anyway, intimidation is no longer an issue in my opinion; it is much much better than in the past. We can only do so much to fix our reputation among PC, which should improve over time. Regardless, we will still be working making the forum more helpful to new users. The issue with moderators (and DCC) is again, a problem from long ago that we have already fixed. I agree that the situation with your past ban could have been dealt with better, but actions like that happen too rare to pose much of an issue. Other forums and even PC in general have events like that occur. Furthermore, I don't recall anyone returning to their old ways again, except for you, Syndrome, and DA? You understand now, Syndrome has left to an extent, and that was one of the reasons DA was "banned."

At any rate, this thread is deteriorating and I doubt anything good will become of it except for more unneeded negativity. If anyone wants to continue the discussion about CBC revamping, it should go in the CBC Improvement Thread where it belongs. Farewell Aero, I am sure the blog you mentioned can be used to say goodbye if you still wish to make it.