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About NE
Yes, NE is a very old project.

Pokemon NeoEras is a fangame that was originally posted on June 7th, 2008. I'm STILL using the original Essentials Kit from the first NE and have been slowly tweaking and working on the game over the past few years.

After all this time, you might be thinking - "You better have a playable demo by now, RIGHT?" Well I DO, in fact I have an old version of the game that is completely playable up to the second gym (which is quite a bit of content) however recently I've decided to renovate everything. Graphics, maps, menus, battle interfaces, everything. Seeing as how the game was only playable in terms of story, I've been steadily tweaking and enhancing everything.

So now I welcome you to NeoEras' new PokeCommunity Topic! I've been dying to show you guys what I've been working on, and so here it is!

Being made with RPG Maker XP
Fully equipped with Poccil's Pokemon Essentials Kit

The Game and The Story
And a new adventure begins~ Again.

First off, I'd like to point out that the region map at the top of the topic only focuses the bottom half of the Outa Region. You might be asking - why is this? I've actually decided to sort of split the game into "segments", each part being its own game. For the sake of keeping a realistic goal, right now I'm focusing on just finishing the game up to the 2nd Gym, which is the end of the first Installment. As I complete these goals, I will hopefully be able to continuously update and eventually have a fully fleshed out game.

I apologize for this terribly written plot summary. I am horrible with summaries~

Now, the actual plot begins with our hero/heroine, their sister, and their mother. The hero has lived their entire life in one of the largest cities of the neighboring Iouso Region, primarily because their father had initially been working under one of the research companies of the area. In the past few years, however, the father had been transferred to a small lab in Hoenn which has caused a bit of a fallout between him and his wife. The mother, having had enough of the city life, promptly decides to move the hero and their sister to a small town in the rural southern half of the Outa Region (which is only a short boat ride from their home city). After a hardy welcome from the entire town, the hero finds themself locked away upstairs, watching a particularly disturbing news program.

The news announces that a robbery took place in one of the few cities of Southern Outa, which is an unusual occurrence in itself. Not having much time to think, the hero's mother whisks her children outside in order to let herself finish unpacking in peace.

And then the hero is introduced to Amy. The professor's daughter.

Bright, cheery, and energetic, Amy is a forgetful girl contrary to the brilliance she inherited from her father (a small town Pokemon researcher). Due to her own fallacies in planning and time coordination, she somehow convinces the hero to run a few errands for her. Yet somehow, by simply picking up just one parcel for the Professor's daughter, the hero winds up on a mission to collect data for Amy's father.

And an adventure unfolds as the hero traverses the Outa Region. And of course along the way our hero will encounter evil teams, mysterious individuals, and will discover the secrets of Outa. But that's all fantasy and craziness, isn't it? How could a mundane child of Outa be wrapped into a great web of excitement?

A bit of what you'll see in NeoEras.

In this section we'll discuss a bit about the "Features" of NeoEras, however I'm going to make it a point to discuss only what has already been implemented or has started to be implemented. That way you know what the game will actually offer instead of what I "want to do".

New Region
Explore the rich, tropical weathered Outa Region and uncover its hidden beauties.

Points of Interest
Expanded Points of Interests in Outa offer extended gameplay and fun challenges.

Outan Native Pokemon
Travel the Outa Region to study and catch the vibrant Pokemon native to the area!

Enhanced Interfaces
From retouched menus to entirely new and elegant interfaces.

Screenshot Gallery
A small taste of what you'll find in game~

The Team

Project Director and Misc.

Scripter and Magician

Tile Spriter and Misc.

Misc Spriter

All of the great programmers and graphic artists who help us all!

Poccil, Alucus, Dewitty, PrinceLegendario, Kyle Dove, UltimoSpriter, PokemonDiamond, BoOmxBiG, MinorThreat, Riceeman,
WesleyFG, AtomicReactor, Segesi, Gigatom, ThunderDove

& all of the amazing Game Developers on PC for all the inspiration!
If I missed your name for anything, please let me know!