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    Originally Posted by blakfyr999 View Post
    considering thats code, i doubt thats an area youd want to mess with if u dont know EXACTLY what your doing. besides arent the amounts of EXP programed for each pokemon by it's species? O_o

    Technically speaking, there are six EXP progressions (which are assigned per-species, but there isn't one for each species) that each map to mathematical equations/functions. However, they aren't implemented as functions; IIRC Game Freak actually manually calculated out the values for each level for each equation, and stored the values as lists inside the game engine.

    To get EXP to work with Pokemon above Level 100, you either need to extend those lists and modify the parts of the game engine that read them, or simply code in a special-case code for Level 101+ Pokemon.

    Originally Posted by agentgeo View Post
    Well, after a little hex editing, I changed a trainer's pokemon to level 101, and this was the result:

    Also, when the trainer battle started, it said the other trainer had no pokemon.
    However, this obviously due to the missingo. and not the level change.

    Note: I changed the trainer's pokemon to be a level 101 mew.

    I know this isn't what you meant, but it does prove that pokemon are not allowed in game over level 100, and what happens if they are.
    The "?????????" glitch Pokemon may not be a result of modifying the level in and of itself, but rather of modifying the level without recalculating the checksum. Did you modify the trainer data, the routine that generated the Pokemon, or the already-generated 100-byte Pokemon data structure kept in RAM?
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