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Originally Posted by Ineffable~ View Post

I was really talking about the trans community in particular, but yes I think there is community here, both in T and LGBT in general. We may not all know each other but the reason we're together is because we are many people working as one to further ourselves in the world, i.e. make ourselves accepted by "the common folk".

I mean, do we not all want to have equal rights and for people to regard us and treat us like the human beings we are? That's true whether you're gay, trans, intersex or whatever.

tl;dr: I do think we are a community because most of us work together in some way.
I see some evidence to the contrary regularly. Just one example that you brought up is the nonacceptance of transsexuals by homosexuals and bisexuals. There is also an internal fight between "masculine" and feminine" and whether one side should be looked down upon with disdain for furthering negative stereotypes.