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Some updates. I've reworked the front page a little, revealing the region and replacing old screenshots.

I've also decided on a title: Pokemon PC. I'm kind of iffy about it but I think it's fitting for a Pokemon game you play on your computer.

Here are some screens showcasing some new Fakemon :D

I figured Fury attack is fitting for a Woodpecker pokemon

The pokemon trademark

Battling Magguk

And here are the specs for each:

Woodpecker Pokemon
Dex Entry - "Their specialized beaks allow them to pierce through tree bark, which is used to uncover the nests of tasty insects."
Ability: Early Bird or Run Away
Base Stats: 40 HP/68 Atk/35 Def/85 Spe/10 SpAtk/35 SpDef
EV Yield: 1 Speed
Compatibility: Flying Group
Evolutions: PECKALOT starting at level 20

Worm Pokemon
Dex Entry - "It eats at a rate comparable to CATERPIE. They are capable of surviving in even the most hazardous areas."
Ability: Limber
Base Stats: 75 HP/45 Atk/65 Def/25 Spe/70 SpAtk/65 SpDef
EV Yield: 1 Hp
Compatibility: Bug Group
Evolutions: PUTRIFLY at level 13

Worker Pokemon
Dex Entry - "When it finds food, it secretes a trail of strong-smelling fluid from its end to attract more ANTROOPER to the area."
Ability: Compound Eyes or Pickup
Base Stats: 50 HP/80 Atk/78 Def/75 Spe/20 SpAtk/55 SpDef
EV Yield: 1 Atk
Compatibility: Bug and Field Groups
Evolutions: Antrooper has two branch evolutions depending on it's gender-
If male, it will evolve into ANTMANDO at level 10
If female, it will evolve into ANQUEEN at level 25

There is more to come. As of right now I still need to make backsprites for these darn fakemon.

PS: In case you ask. "Burger" the Farfetch'd is from an in-game trade that is possible early on in the actual game.
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