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Original Focus Shift, bad? Kris making it worse? Wat? Unbelievable(the bad part, not the Kris making it worse X3)! I must go and read it! I'll do that later, lol, too much to do now.

EDIT: Oh. My. God. I only skimmed up through page seven but... oh god, it was scary. Why did nobody slap us? Lol, Skymin, you should have done something, you're the mod! Lol, not at the time but, you still should have had Harley fall on all of us and Ceri turn into a Snorlax and refuse to get off of us until we posted longer posts. Especially mine. My posts never reached more than a few paragraphs. Oh god... but hey, at least one slightly good thing happened; that was when I started using headings in my posts, but my titles sucked.
...Oh god. At least we're (hopefully) all better now X3

EDIT2: Oh, but my very last post wasn't too bad. Guess that was when I was getting better, since it was in March. Also, SIU was the last one to post. He killed it.
...Why did it die anyways? Why did we murder it? How could we?! Oh wellz, second chance, and hopefully it'll be better ^0^
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