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    Yeah, I could see Volc being OP w/o SR. I wonder though if some of these other OP pokemon being subdued by SR couldn't be subdued by other pokes that are currently subdued by SR... Did that make any sense? Yeah, MS Dragonite is rough, but if there was no Stealth Rock, wouldn't we see more Ice Pokemon as a result?

    Also, from Smogon...
    Even though Volcarona has great Special Attack and great STAB moves, there are some Pokemon in OU that resist both of them and that can KO the moth in return. Gyarados, Dragonite, Salamence, Heatran, and Terrakion are the most important ones, and they can all give troubles to Volcarona in return.
    It goes on to mention Rain teams as well. Also, even without Stealth Rock, a x4 weakness to Rock moves is a big hurdle to overcome.

    I should say I haven't really done much competitive battling but I've researched it for a few years now off and on. Not saying that there wouldn't be new and serious threats without SR, but would anyone be gamebreaking? I'll keep the Volcano Moth on my list to consider in this hypothetical scenario. =)

    Anything else?
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