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Well, I'm going to get in character for this one!

My name is Ailani and I've just started my adventures in the Johto region! I'm from New Bark town and this evening I received my first Pokemon from Professor Elm in exchange for doing him a favour.

I chose the water type, Totodile, or course! Water types are the greatest and I hope to be able to catch and train all of the water types in Johto!

Totodile and I just arrived back at the lab after traveling past Cherrygrove city to visit Mr. Pokemon. While I was there I also got to meet the famous Professor Oak! You know, the one from Kanto who has his own radio show? He was impressed by my cute little Toto and gave me a Pokedex. Mr Pokemon gave me a neat Pokemon egg to deliver to Professor Elm, and now I might be going out on a journey to collect all of the 8 Johto Gym badges. Professor Elm thinks I have what it takes, but I have to talk to my mom first hehe.

Unfortunately, on my way back from Cherrygrove I had my very first Pokemon battle. It was against this weird red headed fellow with a Chikorita. Luckily, Toto had levelled up a bit from our journey, so he was easily able to take out his Pokemon. When I got back to the lab I discovered that he had stolen that Chikorita! That makes me so mad, I can't believe people would resort to stealing Pokemon! Luckily, I got his name, Umberto. At first the police thought that I might be the thief, but luckily my best friend Ethan came to my rescue.

Well, now I'm going to go talk to my mom about my journey and play with Totodile a bit more! If we go, we are going to be leaving first thing in the morning so we need lots of rest. I can't wait to see all the different types of water Pokemon that are out there. I especially want to catch a Marril. Ethan's Marril is so cute, I want one for myself too!

Well, toodles!

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