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Wow...this is unique. Reserve me please. Very interested.

Name: Anthony Hazen

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Side: Primal Kingdom

Appearance: Appearance: Anthony is of muscular build, 6 feet tall, 190 pounds. His hair is kept in a messy, spikey style, yet quite long, and brown. His eyes are green in color. He has a notable headband which is red in color, matching his upper body outfit which is mostly red and black, a sort of red vest with black on the bottom.

He also wears brownish black gloves, with red buckles on it. He has slightly tanned skin.

Personality: Anthony has been called many things. Mostly, the words that pop to mind is hot-headed, arrogant, and rash. He always seems to be in an agitated state. He is arrogant in the sense that he has a lot of confidence in himself, often to the point of being a bit overconfidence. Still, it isn't overconfidence if you can back it up, and Anthony does that rather successfully. He is also rash. He often does things before thinking them through, acting more on impulse and desire rather than strategy and planning. He prefers action over words most of the time. His hotheadedness is added even more because of his ability to get angry very quickly, and often over very insignificant things.

Such insignificant things are fueled even more by his twin brother, Andrey, who has a habit of being at ends with his brother on many things, often leading to arguments and disagreements, even the occasional fight. Anthony has a habit of getting into a lot of fights, but that goes without saying on his impulsiveness, and his lack of standards. Still, as a fighter for the Primal Empire, he has deep respect for it, and would fight for it with all his might.

Anthony isn't one to surrender. He would die first.

History: Anthony was born in Althos, along with his twin brother Andrey. His mother and father were both soldiers in the army of the Primal Empire. Growing up, Anthony and Andrey were always together, doing many of their activities together. They always argued with each other, Anthony being rather hot-headed. In fact, it isn't often that you don't see them arguing. Still, they had a rather special bond. They were hardly ever seen apart, and whenever they did things, whether getting into fights or messing around, they were usually together.

Growing up in Althos was pretty entertaining. Anthony had began turning to minor property damages and other misdemeanors for entertainment. It was fun work to do, and it kept the days going by. Anthony often complained about having Andrey always around, always trying to plan out everything they were going to do. Even though he often complained, he still did enjoy his company, and the challenge of arguing. Still, when things got too dicey, Anthony would be the one doing the dirty work, being the physically more capable of the two. Anthony's parents didn't approve, but then again, being in the military, they were never around enough to keep track. Around Althos, Anthony was beginning to become known as a troublemaker. Anthony once got the idea once of going in to one of Althos's Energy reserves, and borrowing some of the energy. He had never had any much before while growing up, never knowing he really had energy. When Anthony "borrowed" some of the energy from the reserves, he soon found himself enjoying the sensation of energy flowing within him. He soon found himself actually quite adept in the energy, preferring that of will energy, as it could easily be fueled by his powder keg personality.. He unlocked abilities of his own as he grew up. Anthony would often go and "borrow" some more energy from the reserves on many occasions, for extra, practice, adding on to his own exponentially increasing energy. He began experimenting with energy quite a bit, training himself to fight. He often trained with Andrey, but complained about it regularly, saying he wouldn't be able to keep up with his weak body, and that Anthony had to give himself a handicap.

As Anthony grew older, he developed a bond with Andrey that now flowed over to the battlefield. Off the battlefield, they still argued all the time. It became a norm for them. Yet once a battle began, the two fought like one person, perfect strategists and artisans of combat. Anthony preferred the straightforward and direct approach. Andrey was the calculating one, yet somehow they mashed perfectly together.

When war broke out between the two nations, Anthony signed up for it right away, eager to test his abilities on First Republic enemies.

Power: Will Energy

Power Usage: Anthony uses Will Energy infused with his Axe, particularly through the red will energy of anger.. The Axe is more of a hatchet in the beginning, but as his anger grows, his power increases, and the size of his axe is transformed, and increased. His will energy spreads into the axe, causing it to form a sort of red energy around it, and penetrate it.

Other: (Seen this in a lot of other RPs, any additional information you may wish to include)

RolePlay Sample: From Avatar: Chaos Uprising

"Tian is a girl," she stated. Zen scratched his head and shrugged at Feng apologetically. "And she would be able to stay close. She will keep to the high skies and try to stay amongst the clouds."

Meifeng grinned. "Of course, that is only if Garith agrees to heading out. I am okay with this plan; it would be nice to go visit those places again. Plus, we really would need Tian in order to get to the Eastern Air Temple. Dragons cannot usually venture into the temples as they are unable to maneuver correctly through the winds, the rocks, and the clouds the way that sky bisons can. No offense," Garith didn't seem to mind.

Caera spoke of how the hawk could be used as a messenger. Zen knew it would be useful, someday or another. He had the feeling in the pit of his stomach that one day, everything would probably be used. He heard Garith sigh, probably upset that a match could not be ensued earlier. He finally shrugged and spoke.

"Fine. Alright if you guys ever need Vyer just let me know and I'm all game for helping you out Zen," He said, as he placed his sword away, the flame gone from it.

"So where do we start?" He asked smiling. Zen looked back at him, determined to repeat everything if he had to, but the Earth Kingdom Soldier did his job for him.

“Eastern… Air… Temple… Then… Southern…Water…Tribe… Listen…with…you’re…ears…next…time…so…we…don’t…have…to…talk…to…you…like…this.”

Zen smiled a bit. It was an odd group he would be traveling with. He wondered how they would all get along. They were going to have to be with each other for a long time.

"The Earth Kingdom Soldier is right." Zen said, still unsure of what name to call him. He figured he might tell Zen eventually, or Zen might give him a nickname, similar to how Rogue is a nickname for Zen.

"We're heading to the Eastern Air Temple. However, we'll probably make a few stops along the way for food." As he said food, he looked at Tiger Lily, smiling a bit as he knew it would sit well with her, hopefully. "I also don't doubt we probably won't need to rest the dragon. We'll switch for the sky bison Tian right before we reach the Air Temple. For now, we'll take the dragon. We'll get much more distance."

Zen got on the dragon, followed by the others. He looked at all of them as they made themselves comfortable on the dragon. Then, at the command of Garith, the dragon took off into the skies. Zen closed his eyes as he felt the fresh breeze. It was cold, yet pleasant at the same time. As he had his eyes close, he wondered if they should have a name of some sort, perhaps a way to identify themselves. Childish, sure, but Zen thought some of them might like the idea. Or maybe they won't. He decided to keep that thought to himself.

What would be the name of the group that follows the "Rogue"? he asked himself. Then he thought of it, saying it out loud to himself.

"The Rogues. Heh...that'll do..."

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