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Oh god.

UUUH.. it's hard for me to say because my best friend was totally on board with whatever part of the LGBT group I was in. xD; It's hard for me to try to think otherwise, because we've said that likely nothing will break our friendship. This is gonna take some brain powah.

Hypothetically, if we couldn't work through it, then something that big.. I'd think that we'd both want it to work out. Though, something like that would be too hard to ignore, so our friendship would likely break I suppose? I guess so.. I mean, I can't think of any other way if neither of us could change how we felt. Granted, plenty of LGBT haters change their views a bit when someone close comes out to them, but you said "What if they unwilling to waver", sooooo yeah.. can't see that friendship lasting. It'd suck, but there's a point where if they can't accept who are you, then life moves on.

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