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Yeah. SR is indeed a very centralizing move and a metagame without it would be incredibly different. XD

Multiscale Dragonite and Volcarona would probably be at the forefront of those imbalances that might pop up. Because SR wouldn't exist, the only way to break Nite's Multiscale without directly attacking it would be through weather, which is just healed off by Lefties anyway. I'd imagine Dragonite would be the image of suspect testing in an SR-less meta. Volcarona would also be incredibly powerful, especially considering the fact that one of the best (and few) ways of dealing with it is Roaring it away with SR up. Gyarados and Salamence would also return as top tier threats, although Gyarados still has its issues with Ferrothorn (who would no longer need to be concerned about the fact that it can't run SR/Spikes/Leech Seed all at once). Spinners would probably be significantly less important, although still moderately useful for breaking stall. Dunno how well stall would fair, though I think it'd turn out okay. Stall always adapts. I'd imagine that Toxic Spikes would become the most common entry hazard, as the brokenness of Volcarona would lead to widespread usage of it and T-spikes breaking most of Volcarona's counters (save Heatran?). Toxic Spikes also hit the vast majority of the OU metagame and especially help when trying to win the weather war. SR-weak spinners such as Cryogonal would actually have some kind of niche, although Ice is still a terrible defensive typing. In general, Tentacruel would still probably be the favored Rapid Spinner since it absorbs Toxic Spikes anyway.

Ninetales and Drought teams in general would be significantly more powerful, as other weather teams would lack the tools (read: SR) to force easy entry hazard damage on the Fire-types that are incredibly common with Drought. Tyranitar would probably see less usage as a lead and more as a phazer/CBer, since the lack of SR kinda messes with its initial set-up abilities. Likewise, Abomasnow and friends will have less to worry about although Ice is still an awful defensive typing (though blizzspam is still awesome). Cloyster also would probably experience a boost in usage, though terrible SpD still is terrible. Archeops gets a special note since SR no longer forces it to drop into Defeatist range, although I still don't think it'd make ~too~ much of an impact since it's so frail and drops easy to priority anyway.

Another important difference is that many, many Pokemon rely on that 12.5% damage from SR to guarantee or potentially create OHKOs or 2HKOs, so the lack of SR could actually influence what EV spreads are used on 'mons. Whether it'd be a bulkier spread to prevent those KOs or a stronger set to force them I have no idea, but it'd affect the metagame anyway. And yup, that's about all I can think of at 1 am. I think my grammar and general typing skills are starting to fail me so I'm probably going to head off to bed anyway. XD