Thread: FireRed hack: Pokémon Cobalt [Indefinite Hiatus]
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Originally Posted by Chiar View Post

This screen looks a bit weird. I have never seen Gamefreak using the water edges that way. Well, I don't particularly think it's a bad thing. Surely things like this happen - resevoirs, for example.

The thing that bugs me about this screenshot is that the Heatran is very small and looks like it was far away from the player. In fact, it's not much bigger (if it even is) than Spheal.
Yeah I need to redo that, thanks :D.

Maybe it's supposed to be like this, but the window looks a bit weird on this screenshot (the outline is too bold). I don't think that's a problem.

It's obviously not an error but it looks pretty weird when a little girl walks around carelessly when some thugs attack an old man. Haha, I see what you mean. Fixed :D
Thanks! Comments in bold.

Originally Posted by poke4fun View Post
Interesting hack, may try it out once I finish up with my other LP :P
Awesome :D

Originally Posted by vs1958 View Post
When I ran out of steps in the safari zone, it sent me behind the counter of the safari house (where the people you can talk to are...) and now i can't get out.
Sorry for the late reply, this has been fixed, in the mean time, if you still have your copy, just google the FireRed walk through walls hack to get through. Sorry!

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