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    Chapter Two: Twilight
    Wait for me, Zeph!” Boreas called after his brother.
    Hurry up!” Zephyrus stopped running for a moment, but only a moment, too impatient too sit still as usual. “If you keep being so slow, you'll never evolve into a cool Jolteon like dad!”
    I'll evolve into something else then, you'd make a better Jolteon anyway! Just wait up and tell me what this is all about!”
    In a minute, we're nearly there! And hurry up, or you'll evolve into a Slowpoke!”
    You can't evolve into a Slowpoke!”
    I can't, you can too!”
    The brothers ran on through the forest, until Zeph finally stopped. They were in the midst of thick shrubbery that made it impossible to see very far. “Zeph, are we there?” Boreas asked, “What do you want to show me?”
    Boreas, do you know what a human is?”
    Sure I do, it's those two-legged animals with no fur. I've seen them from a distance.”
    Right, well I was running through the forest just now, chasing... I don't know what- when I found it!”
    Found what?”
    Zephyrus was so excited that he seemed about to start jumping up and down. “A herd of humans! They're just behind these shrubs!”
    Really?” Boreas curiously pushed through the shrubs, but was stopped by Zeph.
    Watch out, we can't let them see us! Eurus says when a human sees you, they catch you and then...”
    Then what?”
    They eat you!” Zephyrus spoke dramatically. “Alive.”
    Though Boreas knew their brother Eurus wasn't the most reliable source of information, he was still frightened by the idea. “What does it matter even if they see us, Zeph?” Boreas tried to put himself at ease, “They'll never catch us anyway.”
    Zephyrus chuckled. “They won't catch me, you mean, I'm fast and I'll become a Jolteon like dad when I grow up. They may catch you, though, and I'd hate to have to save you.”
    Shut up, they couldn't catch me if they tried! They couldn't run after me, they have only two legs so they'd fall over.”
    Well yeah, obviously, but they don't need to run, because they've got these red and white balls, and if they throw one at you...”
    Then what?”
    BOOM!” Zeph startled Boreas, “you die! And then they turn you into cheese and eat you. True story, they almost caught me when I discovered them earlier today, but I'm way too fast for them.”
    Despite all this talk of danger, Boreas was very curious about the humans now. He slowly sneaked forward and looked between the branches of the shrubs, careful to remain hidden. He saw a bizarre sight. The humans' burrows were above the ground and made of wood and stone. These burrows covered the landscape for as far as he could see. Between the burrows, a few humans were walking. Boreas quickly stepped back into the shrubs so they wouldn't see him and turn him into cheese.
    See!” Zeph whispered excitedly, “I told you there was a herd of them here!”
    Boreas stepped forward again to take another look at the strange place were the humans lived. This time he saw something that shocked him: there was an Oshawott walking around there, being chased by a human female wearing white and orange clothes and a green thing on her head. “Oh no,” he said, “Zeph, look over there, we have to help that poor Oshawott! The human's going to eat him!”
    Zephyrus looked through the shrubs at the Oshawott. “But what if they catch us too?”
    The human had nearly caught the Oshawott. “We have to go, now!” Boreas said, and he jumped out of the shrubs and started running down the grassy slope, shouting a warning to the Oshawott. But it was too late: the human had reached him and picked him up. Boreas hardly dared to watch, but to his surprise the human just hugged the Oshawott and they both laughed.
    Boreas!” Zephyrus hissed from the shrubs. “Get back here! The humans will see you!”
    I... Don't think they're that dangerous, Zeph. Look, that human is just playing with the Oshawott.”
    Mum and dad will be so mad at you!”
    Boreas realised Zephyrus was right and ran back into the shrubbery.
    You were so lucky!” Zephyrus said, exasperated, “What if they'd killed you and made you into cheese?”
    Maybe they don't really do that, Zeph, that human and that Oshawott seemed friendly to each other.”
    Maybe she was just trying to cheer him up so that when she eats him, his flesh is not all stringy from his sadness.”
    But you just said they turn you into cheese. Then what does it matter if your flesh is all stringy?”
    I- um- well- I don't know, I'm not a human. Let's just go back home, okay?”
    But Boreas' curiosity had got the better of him now. “Not yet. There's one more thing I want to do. I want to see what their burrows look like on the inside.”
    What? You can't go inside them! There'll be humans there, and they'll turn you into cheese!”
    I know, I won't go inside. Look at that burrow there, one of the windows is open. I could just look through it. Are you coming with me?”
    O-okay. But if any human comes close, we run for our lives, okay?”
    Okay,” Boreas nodded. He was frightened too, of course, but his curiosity overwhelmed his fear. They stepped out of the shrubs, and cautiously ran down the grassy slope. A small hedge surrounded the garden of the burrow, but both Eevees were small enough to walk through. They looked around cautiously before running to the open window. It turned out the window was a lot higher than they thought, and they couldn't even look through if they stood on their hind legs.
    That's a shame,” said Zeph, “let's go now before they catch us.”
    No, I've got an idea. I'll climb on your back and look inside, then you can climb on my back and look inside.”
    Zeph stood under the window and Boreas climbed on his back. He stood up on his hind legs and looked through the window. There were no humans inside, just their weird furniture. Boreas was somewhat disappointed by the lack of truly bizarre things. Then a delightful smell hit his nostrils and he saw a delicious-looking sausage lying on the table.
    What do you see?” Zeph whispered.
    Sausage,” said Boreas, “I'll be back in a moment.” and he pulled himself up on the window frame´s base and jumped inside.
    Inside, he jumped up on a chair, then on the table, grabbed the sausage, and went back outside via the same route.
    You went inside!” Zeph whispered in awe.
    And I got us sausage. Now it's your turn to look.”
    No, this place gives me the creeps. Let's go back to the forest!”
    They ran back to the shrubbery and hid themselves. “Do you want half?” Boreas asked.
    We don't know what's in it,” said Zeph, “maybe that sausage is made of Eevee flesh!” Boreas took a bite. It tasted delicious. “That would mean you're a cannibal now!”
    Boreas didn't feel any different. “I don't think so, I don't feel like a cannibal. It tastes very good.”
    Zephyrus ate his half of the sausage and let out a satisfied burp. “Y'know, we can't tell mum and dad about this. Only Notus and Eurus. We'd get in so much trouble if mum and dad knew...”
    Yeah. We should probably go back home now, it'll be dark soon.”

    By the time they made their way back to the burrow's vicinity, the Sun had set and twilight rapidly darkened the forest. Suddenly a distant flash of light lit up the forest.
    Oh no,” said Boreas, “it's going to storm too... And we'll already be in so much trouble for coming home after dark...”
    Zephyrus suddenly stopped in his tracks. “Boreas, the sky is clear.” Another flash lit up the forest. “And those flashes are coming directly from our burrow's direction...”
    The brothers ran even faster now, and the flashes of light became brighter as they approached. Then, suddenly, there came one final flash and after that the forest remained dark. When they approached the burrow closer, they heard sounds of fighting ahead. When they finally reached the burrow, what they saw was terrible: their mother, standing in the burrow's opening, was fighting five Zangeese at once, using the leaf on her forehead to parry their sharp claws and attack back, while their father lay on the forest floor among three other Zangooses, his throat covered in blood. Their mother was clearly at the end of her abilities too, as several deep cuts, one of which ran over her face and crossed a now dead eye, covered her body and she was losing a lot of blood. She saw Boreas and Zeph stand still in shock and shouted “Run! Run for your lives!”
    This snapped them out of their shock, and they began running through the nocturnal forest. Behind them, two Zangeese decided to pursue the much easier prey. Boreas noticed that Zeph wasn't running at his best speed, but was matching his speed to him.
    Zeph, run as fast as you can!” he shouted, and an icy shiver of fear went over his spine as he heard the rustling of something running through the shrubbery on both sides.
    I'm not leaving you behind too, Boreas! We've got to stick toge-”
    A Zangoose jumped from the shrubs, a claw flashed, and Zeph collapsed with a horrifying gargle. Boreas stopped in his tracks as another large white pokémon jumped out in front of him. The Zangoose lifted its sharp claw, and Boreas knew there was no escape and prepared for the killing blow. Suddenly a vine shot from behind him, wrapped around the surprised Zangoose's claw, and threw him to the ground. Boreas looked around in surprise and saw a Snivy and a human standing there.
    Don't worry, boy!” said the Snivy, “We shan't let them get you too!”
    Octa, Leaf Tornado!” the human ordered. The Zangoose was charging at Octa and his trainer, both claws ready, but the Snivy created a small tornado of sharp leaves that made the Zangoose cry out in pain as they cut him. The other Zangoose charged the trainer, who jumped back to dodge the first slash, and hid behind a tree against the second. Then he picked up a large stick while his Snivy caught the other Zangoose in another Leaf Tornado, blocked the Zangoose's slash with it, and hit him back so hard that he crashed into a tree. Both Zangeese ran away, back to the burrow.
    Hah, that was easy,” the Snivy said smugly, “They couldn't even hope to stand a chance against me. Incidentally, my name's Octavianus and- Are you quite alright, boy?”
    The horrible truth had just hit Boreas like a heavy hammer hitting his heart, so he had collapsed and started crying. “Z-Zeph is dead! And dad t-too. And Mum and Eu-eurus and Notus are gone too, aren't they?”
    Octavianus looked defeated. “I- um- Yes, I'm afraid they're all quite dead. I... Apologise we were not here in time to save them as well.”
    A wave of despair overwhelmed Boreas. He had never felt so alone. He just cried in misery on the forest floor for a while. Then two big arms picked him up and held him as he cried for everyone that he'd lost.
    There, there, little guy,” the human said, “We will take care of you and find you a new home. Don't you worry.”
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