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    Pokémon: Homeward Bound™ (Link Removed Due To Major Update.)
    Demo: ??
    Size: ??mb
    Date: ??/??/????
    Update: Continuous From 17/11/2011 To ??/??/201?

    Known Problems:
    Some sprites look horrible. (Slow process in re-creating these)
    No trainer sprite at the start of battle. (In process of creating something)

    Known Errors:
    None thus far.

    Welcome To The World Of Pokémon: Homeward Bound.

    I originally had a thread a long long time ago, before I took the time to actually update my fan-game, now, I am back and the fan-game has come along way since then, and is now coming up for a release date, so I thought a new thread was in order.

    Becoming A Pokémon Trainer: (Warning, this is only the story behind the hero, and is quite alot to read.)

    You were born and raised in the Orange Archipelago Region, also known as the Orange Islands, but moved to Pallet Town, KANTO, so that your mother can begin her new career as a professor-in-training, along side the one and only, Prof. Oak, who was looking for someone to become his successor after he retired.

    Knowing very little about Pokémon Battling, you are not too worried about all the new young trainers getting a Trainers License and a beginner Pokémon. While watching the T.V, you notice that, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander were the choices of Pokémon, you begin reading and learning about Pokémon Battles.

    While sitting in a chair on your front garden you notice some rustling in the bushes, you check it out... Out pops a Pokémon, "What is it?" you ask yourself, as you flick through your trusty Pokémon Manual, you see what Pokémon it is, "It's a Poliwag", you tell yourself.

    What do you do? Well, nothing of course because you have no Pokéballs, no Pokémon, no nothing, as you watch this Poliwag run along and dive into the water, you begin to wonder and head indoors.

    As you enter your house, your mother has decided to run an errand, you tag along... You are now in Celadon Department Store, as the size of this building astounds you, a shiny flicker from across the room catches your eye, you walk over, "A Pokéball." you mutter to yourself, looking around at all the people, happy, laughing, having fun with one another talking about what Pokémon they have caught and how many Pokémon League Badges they hold, "I have to become a Pokémon Trainer." you shout, the store assistant smiles at you and chuckles, you hear in the background, "If you dream high enough, there is nothing you cannot accomplish." as you turn around, who is stood there, none other than Prof. Oak.

    Back in Pallet Town, you grab your backpack and shoes and leave your bedroom to become a Pokémon Trainer.


    Please Don't Use Or Steal or Edit, Etc... I'm not too good at spriting, but I am proud of what I have.


    Name: Nici Mirak.
    Age: 16.
    Height: 5'6"
    Hometown: Ascorbia Island.


    Dwayne Johnson.
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'8"
    Kumquat Island.

    Character Wish:

    Beginning your journey you wish to somehow re-visit your home town, but a few Pokémon battles here and there couldn't go a miss.

    Leaving everything you had in another region was hard, this youngster, has very little friends in KANTO, going on this Pokémon journey could be their chance to make new friends and learn something new about themself.

    Prof. Oak, the man of many talents, gives you your very first Pokémon and a Pokédex and tells you that there is nothing more thrilling than a Pokémon Battle, and explains Pallet Town is usually where beginner trainers start, this is because the Pallet Town lab is 1 of 2 labs occupied by a professor, also mentioning that the other lab has a questionable motive as people that have gained Pokémon from there have become a notorious gang called "Team Rocket", who are always up to no good, but continued to say, not all are bad.

    The World Within Pokémon: Homeward Bound:

    You must engage in Pokémon Battles and collect at least 8 badges located around KANTO to gain access to the Pokémon League, where all challengers go to test skill and knowledge in a Tournament like no other.

    Meeting new friends and enemies is key to raising Pokémon to full potential, at the beginning of your journey you have very few friendships and even less enemies.

    Catching and/or training, different types of Pokémon, is a main part to having a successful journey.


    KEY: All writing in this colour is all ** edits.

    • Pokémon Pink is now called Pokémon: Homeward Bound...
    • Money is VERY hard to come by, not really, you just don't win any from battles.
    • HM's not necessary, Pokémon big enough to carry you can Fly, Surf and Climb... Cut is irrelevant (pointless HM that it was)... Pokémon that naturally dig or can dig, can use "Dig" as an "ability". (HM's are still available... They now have another use.)
    • A new ability "Rock Break" is now available for Water, Grass, Psychic and Ice type Pokémon (Pretty much the same as Rock Smash, just renamed to fit more mental/elemental as opposed to physical.)
    • Evolution has changed considerably... Traded Pokémon also no longer need to be traded. (always hated this... By changed, I mean, some Pokémon Evolve differently now, by day/night, happiness, training, plus more.)
    • Mini, Pokémon Card, Collectors Game. (Um, gotta' find them all, I guess.)
    • Rarities have changed considerably. (some Pokémon are rare by area or kind, catching a Dratini for example should automatically become, like, super hard, therefore, it is, no longer is the 5% chance of encounter the lowest, the lowest is now a 1 in 100 chance of encounter... Some Pokémon are only available through Overworld encounters.)
    • Gym Battles have changed considerably. (Not easy to explain how, but no more can you challenge a fighting gym leader and beat him/her with a team of 6, Psychic and/or Flying Pokémon, etc.)
    • Some trainers ambush you, others ask you for battles, others you can challenge. (If you press "S" or "D", they do different things to different NPC's.)
    • NPC's can "give" you valuable Pokémon... Sometimes.
    • HYPE, Pokémon can get hyped up towards a battle which gives them an extra boost in stats.
    • You can set your own age. (Providing you are old enough .)
    • Lots of events to play throughNPC's to talk to within the world. Battling is NOT the only way to gain Levels, New Moves or Stat Boosts, now even a lower levelled Pokémon can outsmart the highest levelled, this means you can now use your most favoured Pokémon.
    • A new "mystery ball" has been added within the Pokémon Centers around the Pokémon world. (Don't get this confused with a PokéBall, it has nothing to do with that.)
    • Gym badges can be made redundant by you... Can you figure out how?
    • Lot's of areas have been mapped in.
    • In-game tutorials have been introduced, to keep you up-to-date with new additions to the game. (so you don't forget.)
    • New unlockables have been added.
    • For those of you who don't like to complete a game the conventional way, cheats/glitches have been added. (for your amusement I guess.)
    • Character face graphics have been changed.(check here.)
    • New mini games have been added, like Bug Catching Contest. (will post pictures.)


    These Pictures Are The New And Improved Homeward Bound. (a little outdated, only a couple of changes.)

    1.) Pallet Town. 2.) Outside Pallet Lab. 3.) Inside Pallet Lab. 4.) Route 01. 5 & 6.) Viridian City.

    1.) Pidgeot. 2.) Viridian Gym. 3.) Pewter Gym. 4.) Pewter Police. 5.) Pewter Museum. 6.) Route 03.

    All maps have been updated to new tiles, I have also taken the liberty of Updating events, Scripts and Maps themselves. (If I new how to print screen the whole map without my events and stuff on screen I would show you the changes, this will have to do.)



    Poccil Starter Kit.
    Flameguru Starter Kit.
    Avatar A Couple Sprites. (I forgot which ones.)
    Nintendo.(c) Creating Pokemon.
    Ho-oh. A few scripts.
    Jocelyn A Couple Sprites. (I forgot which ones.)
    Pikushi A Couple Sprites. (I forgot which ones.)
    FL .. A Few Scripts.
    RebornKefka A Couple Sprites. (I forgot which ones.)
    Black Fly A Couple Sprites. (I forgot which ones.)
    Khkramer Pokémon: Homeward Bound Logo.
    Alina_Mau. Trainer Sprite.
    CNG Scripting Help.
    I forgot the guy who ripped most the sprites for HG/SS tilesets. (sorry.)
    and myself... Sprites, Tileset Edits, Script Edits, Events, Mapping,
    Story, Plot, Thread... So Basically, Everything Else...

    Let me know if I have missed you off the list, but I'm pretty sure I haven't at the moment, but you never know.

    Special Credits And Thanks To:


    Please Give Constructive Criticism and/or Praise, Please... This Is NOT A Hack, Its Created VIA RPGMakerXP, All Mapping and Events Are Fully Created And Thought Up By Myself and somewhat copied from the original games/anime.


    Pixel Spriter:
    • Pokémon Back Sprites.
    • FakeMon, if any body is interested.
    • Trainer Back Sprites (like 2, although probably unneccesary).
    • Trainer Front Sprites (not too sure off the top of my head, not alot though, maybe around 7).
    • Face Graphics (alot haha!).
    That is all for now, show me some of your work before requesting a go please, I like Alina_Mau's style, so if she is/you are, around to help me out with some trainers, that would be great.

    Update Posts By Myself.
    May 27th 2012 Update
    June 14th 2012 Update :FakéMon
    June 27th 2012 Update :Rival and Starters
    June 29th 2012 Update :$