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Has anyone else faced the issue of overpredicting in like every battle? I feel like all I ever do is overpredict which works out really bad for me. For example, wifi lets me see a team, see Politoed, send out Virizion. Assume they wouldn't keep it in on Virizion because it can basically 2HKO it, use Stone Edge as there are flying types @ preview, nope, keep it in, do bad... etc.

And when I assume people will start off with Rotom-W (probably trick, assuming that deoxys-s will be screens but haha it isn't), they... don't. And yet a great portion of others do. Idk I should just assume nobody is going to play strategically or something, 'cause it's pretty annoying to lose batltes in general from overpredicting that I'd otherwise have won lol.