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    I tried to make a Lawful Evil villain. He turned into a Mercenary Neutral working for the evil regime. :L
    Regardless, THIS IS KUPO AWESOME!!!!
    Name: Gregory Barrowfort

    Age: 40

    Gender: Male

    Race: Hume

    Job: Soldier / Blue Mage

    Side: Nex Malum

    Appearance: An ogre of a man, Barrowfort at full height stands 7’, with broad shoulders and a muscular build. His chestnut hair, capable of falling down between his shoulder blades if let loose, is kept neatly tucked around his head and neck within his Solder hood, insolating his flesh from the cold of Moorabella, though it can be unbearably hot in warmer climates. When not wearing the hood, his hair is restrained in a ponytail. Barrowfort’s face is that of a veteran, with a hideous scar on the left side of his face, across the cheek. Ice-blue eyes glare out from under a furrowed brow and a pair of bushy eyebrows. A demonic Hanya Mask often covers the opening of the Solder hood, hiding the man’s face and adding to the intimidation factor.

    The Soldier’s uniform is darker blue with a standard red cape and mostly unmodified, though Barrowfort goes without the hood in hot climates, for obvious reasons. The cap of the hood hangs back between his shoulder blades, in this case. Below the armor and uniform, Barrowfort’s body bears numerous additional scars from his training. At his side is a Vitanova sword in its scabbard, which Barrowfort wields in his left hand, and upon his right arm is the daunting glare of an Aegis Shield. A gauntlet protects each of Barrowfort’s forearms.

    History: Born in Moorabella to a pair of hume mages, Barrowfort grew up with pressure to study and learn magick. While he did have natural talent for it, Barrowfort never took an interest in the arcane arts. During days when he could get out of the house, Barrowfort would go into the snowy outskirts of the city with a group of other boys whose heads were filled with fairy tales and heroic legends. Together they would chase after Cockatrices with large sticks, either practicing magic or combat. Once the boys’ overprotective and disapproving parents discovered the trips, the young adventurers-to-be were rounded up and kept under strict watch. Barrowfort’s training was mostly focused on White Magick, with some Black Magick study on the side- for though he showed talent for it, his overprotective parents would not allow him to study the dangerous art of Blue Magick- Once he was old enough to move out, of course, the rash youth abandoned his studies and left his home against his parents’ wishes.

    From Moorabella, a young Barrowfort traveled with a caravan to Camoa, where he planned to learn the art of the sword. Once there, it proved far more difficult to gain an apprenticeship than suspected. Eventually Barrowfort found a Parivir mercenary, passing through the city, who was looking for a student to teach his skills. Though the boy trained hard, and had some natural talent in each, he proved unable to combine magick and swordplay. The Parivir dropped Barrowfort off in Graszton after the apprenticeship failed, and left. In the new city, Barrowfort did his best to find a job, but to no avail. Eventually the wannabe adventurer was forced to join up with a gang of poachers, who allowed him to test his skill with Blue Magic. Unbeknownst to Barrowfort, this group was a smaller faction ultimately controlled by the larger Khamja.

    Barrowfort’s determination, loyalty, and swordsmanship with a saber eventually caught the eye of the group leader who was a part of Khamja. Offered a chance to receive special training and move up in the world, Barrowfort immediately agreed. The prospective Blue Mage was placed in an arena with four others to fight monsters and learn their abilities. To toughen them up, the trainees were given nothing to defend themselves except for the abilities they learned therein. The entire time a Beastmaster would command the monsters, so as to make sure the mages were hit with abilities they could learn. During this time Barrowfort received many of his scars, including the one on his cheek- a memento from the Deathscythe the Blue Mages fought. Intensive training continued for three months, until the recruits had learned all they could. With training over, each of them was assigned to a different squad, and learned secondary jobs to suit whatever roles were needed.

    Nineteen at the time, Barrowfort had only just started to get into his new role in the organization when Clan Gully brought about Khamja’s downfall. The organization more or less dissolved, and Barrowfort was alone once again. After things settled, the Soldier started doing mercenary work on his own. This carried on for several years, until Barrowfort happened to meet the leader of the old poaching group while on a quest. The Hunter, still with the now rebuilding Khamja, offered Barrowfort reemployment. The Soldier of course accepted- after finishing the job he had come to the are to do- and became part of the Nex Malum faction. After a test to assess his skills, Barrowfort was assigned to a new squad- this one.

    Personality: Barrowfort’s key defining characteristics are his loyalty and stoic determination. The Soldier does not have any moral dilemmas over killing or breaking the law, as long as it serves the goal. All the same, when it would be detrimental to long-term goals, Barrowfort will avoid it if at all possible. A shrewd tactician due to his forced studies early on in life, he is not one of the warriors who run headlong into battle, preferring to plan and prepare beforehand. While respectful and obedient to superiors, Barrowfort will not hesitate to bluntly point out the flaws in any idea or scheme- and then go along with it anyways when they won’t listen.

    Password: THIS IS KUPO AWESOME exclamation-markx4

    Other: Nyet.