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Without much of a care in the world, Marisa ran from Kerin's side to go play in... the trees. Though Kerin had to learn to not be so smothering of people (and Bern's necklace was very much helping with the whole 'guilt if someone got hurt thing' (and boy, did it feel weird)), he saw this as very much a bad idea. There, below Marisa, was a outrageously uncontrollable, angry demon boy who liked breaking things. Who knew when he'd change his next thing to break to a small girl? Well, if Marisa's vision was true, then she's be chained to this brute at the beginning of the games. So wouldn't getting on his good side (if he actually had one) be a better idea than pissing him off by doing... weird things? Kerin shook his head slowly but gasped and ran forward as Marisa's landing was not quite so smooth. In a tree.

"Marisa!" Kerin called out as she waved back at him and disappeared into the trees. Oh god. What was she going to do? Play a prank? Mess around? Annoy the piss out of Ryuu? Hopefully not. She should be alright for now, right? Ryuu probably couldn't catch her. She was small, probably fast. Well, Ryuu was kind of fast but his lack of wings made it hard for him to fly up in a tree effectively. He'd have to climb. Or break the damn tree. Kerin heard a voice behind him and spun around, only to see a human boy. A human? Kerin frowned a little at the absence of regret. Usually, when he saw a human, his memories flooded back and made him all angsty and what not. This time? Nothing. Kerin made a mental note he'd really have to thank Bern later.

"Hi, uh," Kerin stumbled for a second. What was his name? Oh god. Uh. Rain? Sky? Uh... It was something Japa-- oh! It was, "Raike." He had no idea how he remembered that. Usually, Kerin was very bad with names. His mind floated back to Marisa and he looked back at the trees, having no idea at all where she was. He could probably find her with his sense of smell and his non-human eyes but she was too far away for a good scent and she practically blended into the trees. He called out to her. "Marisa, where'd you go?"
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