Thread: Development: Making Dive Work in FireRed
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    Originally Posted by sonic1 View Post
    Why don't you locate one of those useless tile behaviour scripts like the ones that are the TV's talking or something and make a 'goto' (like in asm bx r0 xD ) to the diving scripts?
    Those are actually scripts, not ASM.

    As for the DIVE functionality, I can tell you guys that the scripts (as in XSE) for it still exist in FireRed. They don't have any identifiable warp calls, so either the warping results from the field move animation commands, or ASM detects when the script ends and warps then.

    If the former, then that would explain why the DIVE field move animation crashes when triggered from script: it needs to read values from some location to know where to warp to, and it's not getting valid ones. Figure out how the field move animation works, and it may then be possible to make DIVE fully-functional.

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