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Originally Posted by Vrai View Post
Yeah, I did. Prediction is an art, really - especially predicting on the ladder. You can't just assume your opponent will be a high-calibre opponent to begin with. More often than not, the first few turns are best spent by going with the safest move and scouting how your opponent plays and responds to your move. From there you can identify their playstyle and start to plan your predictions accordingly. It's just a learn-by-experience thing; if you find yourself overpredicting all the time, just try to focus on making the safe move unless the prediction is absolutely vital to winning the game. It's better to play it safe and make slow strides rather than go balls to the wall turn one and risk losing the whole match.

edit: also oh my goodness this is a fabulous resource
It'd probably be easier for me if I did turn off wifi, since without wifi, Deoxys-S should be able to cover the most common leads without me overpredicting in regards to who the opponent will start off with, but yeah I'll try the safest and see if people don't expect that :x

That is amazing and going to be so useful! How'd you find it?

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