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Ryuu lost track of the number of trees he brought down. His arms ached a bit, as he used his forearms mostly upon impact. But it was the good sort of pain. The pain you experienced when taking off very tight shoes, or sitting up the first time after getting a beating. It was nice. Ryuu always preferred a bit of pain in some parts of his body than none at all. It reminded him that he was there. It reminded him that he was alive.

Ryuu noticed a girl, the vampire Marisa around now. If there was anything he hated more than annoying people, it was annoying people that interrupted him. If there was anything he hated more than annoying people interrupting him, it was annoying people that interrupting him while exercising. The girl seemed to somehow fly into the sky, and then a moment later, was gone. Ryuu shook his head, eager, almost begging himself to go and look for the girl and break her like the trees, but he decided he wouldn't go to any unnecessary lengths to fight them just yet. Just yet.

But then he heard another vampire, the one that was always near the girl. He didn't remember his name, but he remembered his face. He called out to the girl. Ryuu turned to him, except he didn't see a vampire. He saw a log. A log that spoke and seemed to move and walk. It stood upright, this log, and had four branches, two at it's side, and two on the bottom for support, and a leaf on top. It was clear as day. Ryuu was hallucinating. No, he wasn't, he was only making his mind see what he wanted to see, and that was a vampire, Kerin, transform into a tree. If there was a God, and if he made signs, it was a simple one for Ryuu. Keep doing what you're doing. Hit the log. Its just another tree.

Ryuu positioned himself as he smiled eagerly at the "log", and charged forward. He screamed a sort of war cry as his did, a triumphant smile on his face before he even reached him.

What did you expect? He didn't get along well with others. They were trees to him.

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