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Originally Posted by Caliban View Post
Just dropping in to say that I'm once again reading and enjoying your current story!
To be perfectly honest, it is the only thing that I've been coming to PC for recently. xD;

And with that damned cliffhanger you just ended that chapter with, you may be sure that I will be checking the fanfiction forum frequently for your next chapter. <.<
Glad you're still around and enjoying things, especially if I'm the sole reason you're here (oh my God I'm so important). Anyway, since I have my computer back now, I'm going to try and get back into my usual habit of posting at least once every three days, and usually every other day - so tomorrow, you shall have the resolution you desire. Though not, perhaps the clarification; if this story ends up even half as strange as I think it will, nothing's going to make sense until right at the end, where it'll all fall magically into place. Hopefully. If we're lucky.

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