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    Dusk looked around timidly. He refused to cry. But where was Jen? She had left him here with these strange people who had poked and prodded and stuck him with needles. What had they called it again? Vacinations? Something like that. And now he was trapped in a yard with no where to go. No escape from all these strange pokemon that were looming over him. Like that weird blue dog thing that was standing on two legs. He took a few steps back until his tail brushed the fence and he remembered he had no where to run to. Dusk watched as the Pikachu just came out of nowhere and began to talk to him. Dusk nearly jumped right out of his fur.

    "Nuh-no! Where is Jen! I want Jen!" he said anxiously, wanting nothing more than to get out of here. What if she never came back? Before the Pikachu could answer, a boy came running out of the building. The boy gave a shout so suddenly that Dusk nearly wet himself. He crouched lower and put his paws over his head as the Pikachu left.


    Jen yawned and checked the clock on the wall. It was nearly time to go. She had been squatting on this property for too long anyways. Who knew when the real owner would be back. Jen would highly prefer it if she wasn't here when they did return. That would be very unfortunate. And Jen really didn't feel likt bashing the real owner over the head with the baseball bat she had found in the upstairs bedroom. She ransacked the house one more time, but only found a really cool bag. Shrugging, she put it on her shoulder. She picked up the bat and considered it. It was a well made piece of wood. But she didn't want to carry it around with her everywhere she went. So, because there was nothing good to take with her, she slammed the bat into the TV, watching as it sparked and fizzled. She walked out the door to the house, making sure to lock it back properly, just as she had found it, and set out for the lab. There was an Aide inside and she walked right up to him.

    "Name?" he asked. She frowned. It should be obvious who she was. After all, how many 14 year old girls with white hair in her particular style were there?

    "Jennifer Atlantica," she stated calmly. No need to anger this man while Dusk was still here. He rifled through the trainer cards and eventually handed her one, along with a Pokedex and several Pokeballs, Including one marked Dusk. Oh god, those bastards had made him go inside a pokeball! Now she would have to spend weeks trying to calm him down again! She heard a wild cry outside and tutted to herself. She walked out after the boy that was playing with his Pikachu and spotted Dusk, cowering in fear as far from the other pokemon as he could possibly get.

    "Dusk. I'm back," Jen said flatly. Upon hearing the sound of her voice, Dusk's ears perked up and he ran towards her. She bent down and scooped him into her arms and found he was shaking even more than she would have expected him to be.

    "What's wrong sweety?" she asked as he buried his head into her arm and kept shaking. She frowned at the boy and his Pikachu.

    "Tch. You know that yelling frightened my poor Dusk. Think about the impact your actions may have on others before you do something stupid like that again!" she said angrily. Funny that she should talk about thinking about the impact of his actions on other. As for her, she was always thinking about the reactions hers would have on others. And she delighted in it. Why those idiots had approved her to become a trainer, she would never understand.
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