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    Originally Posted by Stand Alone View Post
    Disney Worlds I want to see:

    1) Pocahontas
    2) Toy Story
    3) Monster's Inc.
    4) Atlantis: The Lost Empire okay, Leonard Nimoy returns in KH again
    5) A Bug's Life
    6) The Sword in the Stone We have Merlin and have had him since the original, c'mon

    IF they could manage it, it'd be pretty sweet to get Howl's Moving Castle or Spirited Away or something from Studio Ghibli, but that's highly doubtful >:

    MX's Keyblade:
    If I could name it, I'd probably call it something in reference to an Eidolon. Or, rather, something along the lines of Tartarus or Fang of the Fallen or something. Idk.

    To answer your question, Bixran, I'm pretty sure Riku's Soul Eater came long before Soul Eater the Manga's launch date. It'd be interesting though if inspiration was drawn from one for the other though... and SE DOES publish Soul Eater...

    Here's a question that isn't KH related. I've sorta been going on a XIII binger lately, and was curious as to whether or not people want to actually play XIII-2 or not? I personally am looking forward to it. It seems like they're taking everything good about the first and improving on it while overhauling some of the things people complained about (too linear, not enough extras to be done, actually having DLC, a plot that doesn't have a 10 chapter long intro, etc) Plus, I just wanna see Noel really chew Snow out in full detail and see how much more BA Lightning has gotten.
    Funny thing, Koji Taguchi of SE actually worked on the anime(info from Soul eater wikia XD), which now makes me curious if he ever worked, even for only a little bit, on a kingdom hearts game.

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