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    I like the look of this so far. I have only a few things to say.
    In the first screenshot, why are there so many signs?
    In the last screenshot, I recommend you change back to the original enemy box graphic thing. The steps on the right side of it? They don't look so hot.

    I like the use of the Mystery Dungeon character images, but you've got the fisherman one a bit wrong. It needs to have the gradient background, like pidgeotto's.

    Now, we don't have much of a story here, so what I'm going to ask next is more of a question for yourself. I repeat: I'm not looking for an answer to this.
    What exactly is the point of this game?
    It's obviously set in Kanto, and that's okay. Not every game needs a new region or new pokémon, and if it's your first game, you need to keep things simple until you know you can handle something big. That doesn't mean you should just remake the original games, though. I just want to be able to see that this will have new features that will make it worth following. It's kind of your duty as a game maker.

    Good luck.